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What is it that makes BetaTelStudio Ltd. different over all the other web development agencies in the world? We enjoy our clients’ success. Our clients stated that the main reason they remain loyal and come back to work with us again is our personalised approach and the value we place on each project. Our projects win awards and participate in world’s leading exhibitions, we are published in the world known magazines and websites.

  • UI/UX Design
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  • Rutmap - Street View
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UI/UX Design

Our web projects are designed by using latest web designing tools, are unique and eye-catching. In fact, when it comes to bespoke solutions we are willing to say, “IF YOU CAN THINK IT, WE CAN MAKE IT.”

Web Development

Our core expertise is developing web-based software (web applications), and we pride ourselves on delivering results which surpass all expectations. We are professional, productive and reliable. We deal with projects ranging greatly in their scope, audience and goals, but they all share one thing in common: our guarantee of top-quality services.

Mapping - Street View

Rutmap enables you to create exquisite maps with street view solution for your sites, apps and/or internal platforms. Location intelligence can open new growth possibilities for your business, and we make it possible.

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“During our cooperation, we have found the BetaTelStudio staff professional, resourceful and innovative. We would therefore recommend BetaTelStudio Ltd., as we believe that they would be positive asset for any programmer or company. ”

Palle Westergaard


“It’s been great working with BetaTelStudio Ltd. team. They not only did work quickly, but they always responded quickly to any of our emails, something I value a lot when trying to keep a project on schedule.”

Omer Korjenic

Head of Employment Sector at Federal Employment Institute

“I’ve worked closely with BetaTelStudio Ltd. over the past five years. Their team showed excellent responsiveness on our ad-hock and long run requirements, great communication skills and consistently exceeded contracted quotas. ”

Ranko Markus

YEP Team Leader at GOPA mbH

“During our cooperation with BetaTelStudio Ltd. they always represent a truly professional and enthusiastic partner. Company's geographic product quality fulfilled all high standards and requirements therefore it's been a pleasure to work with them.”

Akos Farkas

Project Manager at TomTom
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Latest News

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24 May 2018 promotion

Sarajevo Street View by Rutmap

The Rutmap vehicle "Rutmobil" was introduced today, where the team will give media statements to get the public familiar with all the activities and novelties for map users.

latest news area
21 Novembre 2019 business

New York

Visit to partners in New York.

latest news area
15 October 2019 business


New website of the law office Filipović-Ademović & Associates

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01 September 2019 business

Smart Sarajevo

Our colleague Elvir, as a member of the jury within the "Smart Sarajevo" Initiative, was very interested to see the presentations of 23 applicants who presented their innovative ideas with the aim of making Sarajevo a better and more pleasant place to live.

latest news area
15 August 2019 business

Sarajevo Brewery

Continuation of cooperation with Sarajevo Brewery, which presents a list of all screenings on the Rutmap application during the Sarajevo Film Festival.

latest news area
03 June 2019 business


The development of a mobile application for the Tribute to BiH project to women and their achievements is a project created in cooperation between the CURE Foundation and the TAKO Association.

latest news area
08 May 2019 business

Porsche Sarajevo

Development of a virtual display of Porsche Sarajevo branches. Salons: Audi, Porsche, VW, Škoda and Seat

latest news area
28 March 2019 business

Municipality of Gracanica

Promotion of the development of an interactive map where we promoted with the Mayor Mr. Helic the first virtual view / Street View Gracanica and a platform for Smart City solutions.

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18 January 2019 business

Plastron - New web

We are pleased to present the new website of Plastron d.o.o.

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20 November 2018 business

International Engineering Week in BiH

We are pleased that our colleague participated in the first international engineering week in BiH, where he will present our service Rutmap, and at the same time announce a new platform and two additional cities in which it will be implemented.

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07 October 2018 business

Sara Vita - New web

We are pleased to present the new website of the polyclinic for gynecology, perinatology and general surgery.

latest news area
11 September 2018 business

Courtyard by Marriott Sarajevo - S One

We are pleased to present a new website and create a virtual display of the object.

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11 August 2018 business

Coca Cola - Bottle

During the Sarajevo Film Festival, as part of the Rutmap Sarajevo tourist application, it was possible to find the locations of new bottles using the navigation in the campaign "Gather the stars of film moments! Find a limited edition Coca-Cola bottle at this place."

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27 July 2018 business

Lactalis - Dukat

Continued cooperation that has lasted for 9 years during the development of the website and extended cooperation agreement with Lactalis.

latest news area
13 July 2018 business

Naša mala klinika - Web app

Development of an internal web application for the patient database with customized functionalities according to internal instructions.

latest news area
29 June 2018 business

Rutmap Zagreb

After Sarajevo, Rutmap is expanding to Zagreb in cooperation with partners.

latest news area
12 June 2018 business

SEE Investments Solution – New

SEE Investment Solutions Ltd. for brokerage is a member of the Sarajevo Stock Exchange, established in 2005.

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24 March 2018 business

Branch for the Swedish Market

After positive experiences and completed projects for the Swedish market, we decided to open our branch in Stockholm.

latest news area
17 November 2017 business

Rutmap Introduces New Technologies

Sarajevo’s most popular virtual map is going to show street-level views of the city via a Mapillary integration.

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18 August 2017 business

Rutmap: An application that tracks all the events in Sarajevo

The new solution brings a number of improvements that, according to BetaTelStudio’s CEO, Elvira Salčinović, enable end users to simplify application management and make it easier to stay in Sarajevo.

latest news area
09 July 2017 business

Sarajevo Film Festival & Rutmap – Partnership

We are proud to announce that the Rutmap map has become the official map of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

latest news area
19 February 2017 business


We has developed web application and custom websites for restaurants that enable customers to digitally and interactively browse a food menu...

latest news area
02 December 2016 business

Certificate of High Creditworthiness in 2016 to BetaTelStudio Ltd.

BetaTelStudio is ranked among top Bosnian companies with high credit score and high level of reliability issued based on financial reports’ analysis and other economic factors.

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22 July 2016 business

TomTom & Rutmap – Cooperation

Rutmap, which is itself an ideal tool for presenting economic potential and tourist attractions, will provide all its customers (POI) with the TomTom navigation map and all the other products of this company.

latest news area
23 November 2019 business

Washington D.C.

Visit to the United States Department of State as part of the World Chicago program.

latest news area
18 October 2019 business

Sarajevo Innovation Summit

We presented the Rutmap for the city of Gracanica, together with representatives of cities from Sweden and the city of Vienna .

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30 September 2019 business

Visit Sarajevo

On the occasion of marking the World Tourism Day, organized by the Tourist Board of Sarajevo Canton, we promoted and announced the first virtual view (Street View) of Sarajevo - Rutmap and the first mobile application Visit Sarajevo.

latest news area
25 August 2019 business

Visit Sarajevo

Development of an interactive tourist map and mobile application for the Sarajevo Canton Tourist Board.

latest news area
09 July 2019 business

Municipality of Tešanj

Meeting with representatives of the municipality of Tešanj, Mayor Mr. Huskić and Mr. Deljkić, where we agreed on the development of an interactive map and the first virtual view (Street View) of Tešanj.

latest news area
14 May 2019 business


Our CEO Elvir Salčinović was a guest on national TV BHRT - BHT1 and presented our new map platform as well as the first virtual view (Street View) of Gračanica.

latest news area
04 April 2019 business

Digital Summit

We were pleased to participate as panelists in front of the City Mind Lab at the UNDP pre-summit "Towards a Digital Economy in the Western Balkans" and to attend the brilliantly organized Digital Summit - Western Balkans 6

latest news area
20 March 2019 business

Europlakat BH - Interactive map

We present the development of an interactive map for the first outdoor advertiser in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A company that has thousands of advertising campaigns behind it.

latest news area
11 Decembre 2018 business

City Mind Lab for Smart Sarajevo established

The City of Sarajevo and UNDP have officially launched the City Mind Lab, and Rutmap as a mapping platform has been presented as a domestic "Smart City" solution.

latest news area
08 Novembre 2018 business

Tourism Networking Forum 2018

We are pleased to have supported and realized the virtual presentation of the Tourism Networking Forum

latest news area
13 Septembre 2018 business

City Travel

We are glad that a large number of accommodation and tourist facilities use our map Sarajevo360, and one of them is the travel agency City Travel

latest news area
23 August 2018 business

Rutmap & Municipality of Gracanica

Cooperation in recording the first historical virtual view (Street View) of Gračanica with the support of the Municipality of Gračanica and the companies: Tring d.o.o., Elatec d.o.o. and Edo Slad d.o.o.

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03 August 2018 business

Rutmap & Sarajevsko

Successful cooperation continued during the Sarajevo Film Festival and the exclusive sponsor of the mobile tourist application Rutmap Sarajevo

latest news area
19 July 2018 business

Rutmap & Municipality of Centar Sarajevo

We are pleased to present the cooperation with the municipality of Centar Sarajevo and the creation of a virtual view / Street View of the center of Sarajevo.

latest news area
08 July 2018 business

Public Institution Employment Service of Tuzla Canton - New web

We are pleased to present the new website of the Public Institution Employment Service of Tuzla Canton

latest news area
21 June 2018 business

National Theater Sarajevo - New Web

We are pleased to present the new website of the National Theater Sarajevo

latest news area
02 April 2018 business

OUTCOM – New website

OutCom d.o.o is telecommunication company that successfully performs project designs, installations, integrations...

latest news area
01 September 2017 business

Motorway Company of the FB&H

After many years of cooperation, we are pleased to present a new web site of JP Autoceste FBiH...

latest news area
09 August 2017 promotion

Tourist map of Sarajevo – Reveal new app

The “Rutmap” project represents an interactive tourist map or a city guide with virtual street view, facilities and information on tourist attractions that allows you to move around the city with a virtual display of facilities 360º.

latest news area
11 May 2017 business

Attorney’s office Tkalčić-Đulić, Prebanić, Rizvić i Jusufbašić-Goloman

We are pleased to introduce a new web page of the law office Tkalčić-Đulić, Prebanić, Rizvić and Jusufbašić-Goloman...

latest news area
20 December 2016 business

HERE Maps & Rutmap – Cooperation

Rutmap, which is itself an ideal tool for presenting economic potential and tourist attractions, will provide all its customers (POIs) with the Here Maps navigation map and all the other products of this company.

latest news area
10 November 2016 business

RUTMAP: Street View through Municipality Ilidza

Ilidza Municipality recognized Rutmap’s potential and decided to support 360° virtual and informative presentation of Ilidza” says Salcinovic.

latest news area
28 August 2016 business

Online Traditional Cookbook of Sarajevo’s Old Town

“Online Traditional Cookbook of Sarajevo’s Old Town Market Square – Bascarsija” is a new smartphone application for Android and iPhone featuring traditional cuisine and recipes as well as traditional restaurants in the old part of Sarajevo.