Tailor-made design may be exactly what is needed for your business. Our web development projects, designed by using latest web designing tools, are unique and eye-catching. Those one-off solutions empower our customers to differentiate themselves on the global online market and to generate more revenue.

Over the years we developed and deployed many bespoke solutions. We can show you exactly what is possible. In fact, when it comes to bespoke solutions we are willing to say, “IF YOU CAN THINK IT, WE CAN MAKE IT.”

As the number of smartphone users is continuously growing and mobile is taking a strong lead, our team remains dedicated to create state of the art mobile applications.

With ever increasing number of smartphone users, the demand for apps has also increased many folds. We at BetaTelStudio Ltd are deeply engaged in providing the best in class Mobile App Development services to all our clients. Our Mobile Apps developers understand the completion in the market and deliver accordingly, ensuring achievement of what we aimed for at our client’s satisfaction.

Rutmap enables you to create exquisite maps with street view solution for your sites, apps and/or internal platforms. Location intelligence can open new growth possibilities for your business, and we make it possible.

Our team has pooled together highly specialized support experts guide developers through the various facets of the Rutmap platform. This know-how and in-house experience with mapping platforms enables immediacy in response, when tackling the integration and implementation facets of any given project.

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We enjoy your success. Our clients stated that the main reason they remain loyal and come back to work with us again is our personalized approach and the value we place on each project. We are proficient in open source technology and for further questions please feel free to contact us.

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