Tourist map of Sarajevo – Reveal new app

The “Rutmap” project, which represents an interactive tourist map or city guide with virtual street view, facilities and information on tourist attractions that allows you to move around the city with a 360 ° virtual display, becomes even more advanced with a new upgraded mobile application. The upgraded mobile app has got a new design and vector offline map that enables better functionality and ease of movement for domestic as well as foreign users / tourists in Sarajevo.

The new solution brings a number of improvements that, according to BetaTelStudio’s CEO, Elvira Salčinović, enable end users to simplify application management and make it easier to stay in Sarajevo.

The mobile and virtual Rutmap represents a kind of city guide at any time provides numerous information and allows you to locate individual objects by street number, filtering products and services according to the interests of the end user. For lovers of good entertainment, Rutmap offers information on all major events in the city (music, film, theater, sport and other events), as well as selection according to special categories: food and drink, nightlife …

A new category of tourist tours has been created that users can use without online navigation. In this way domestic and foreign tourists will be able to visit the most significant places in Sarajevo with the GPS location / user escorts and download audio content for those locations that want to visit without a guided tour, find the attraction or the place they want to see. The application offers numerous possibilities and information, with the recommendation of the hidden corners and the tourist charm of Sarajevo, tourists get acquainted with an expert tourist guide or tour agency arrangement “adds Salčinović