RUTMAP: Street View through Ilidza

After having implemented project „Mapping of the Ilidza Municipality in Sarajevo“, one of the leading city guides, „Rutmap – Interactive Map“ continues its virtual walk through Sarajevo. Rutmap’s creative team enhances their street view system, which in addition to the virtual „walk“ enables users to browse and locate facilities, products and services according to their own taste.

According to Elvir Salcinovic, BetaTelStudio Ltd.’s CEO, the Ilidza Municipality is aware of latest international standards and trends in technology and its use in information distribution and promotion of enterprises.

„Rutmap is a detailed virtual presentation of streets, tourist attractions, information about commercial and trade entities, products and services offered, as well as tourist information, street names with numbers, and other useful information and services for end users. Ilidza Municipality recognized Rutmap’s potential and decided to support 360° virtual and informative presentation of Ilidza” says Salcinovic.

According to Senaid Memic, municipal prefect, Ilidza is one of the municipalities with most potential for foreign investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

„This is one of many projects we have decided to support and implement, and also one of the most significant projects in terms of online promotion. Our development and promotional policy implies the latest trends in technology and IT industry are applied. All our resources are presented on this virtual map which serves to promote both public and private sectors, and enhances the visibility of Ilidza“, adds prefect Memic.

Rutmap is a one-stop information system. The creative and youthful team gathers data on daily basis. Sarajevo’s municipalities teem with superb economic and tourist resources, and Rutmap is an ideal tool to emphasize those resources. The system offers browsing through various categories based on end user’s needs and preferences. It also provides detailed information about companies/products for investors, and easy navigation and orientation in virtual reality, selection of restaurants, accommodation facilities, grocery shops and other amenities aimed at visitors to Sarajevo.

Rutmap’s platform for Ilidza Municipality is available at: