Online Traditional Cookbook of Sarajevo’s Old Town

“Online Traditional Cookbook of Sarajevo’s Old Town Market Square – Bascarsija” is a new smartphone application for Android and iPhone featuring traditional cuisine and recipes as well as traditional restaurants in the old part of Sarajevo.
The application launched at the Stari Grad (Old Town) Municipality, is a unique project implemented by the Local Development Department of the Stari Grad Municipality in Sarajevo and funded by the Turkish Municipality T. C. Mamak Belediyesi, a twin municipality.

Ibrahim Hadzibajric, the municipal prefect claims 10.000 BAM was invested in the project: “I have to mention we implemented a similar application featuring tourist offer and the history of the Stari Grad Municipality. We also have the application with streets and street names, and now with the Online Cookbook, it is a full package”.

The Online Cookbook offers numerous traditional recipes including Bey’s Soup, Tarhana Soup with Milk, Krompirusa – Potato Pie, Scallions, Sogan Dolma – Stuffed Onions, Okra, Bosanski Lonac – Bosnian Pot, Klepe – Manti Dumplings, Cevapi – Grilled Minced Meat, Kadayıf, Tufahija – Bosnian Poached Stuffed Apples and other traditional dish. The application offers map with traditional restaurants such as ascinica, cevabzinica, buregdzinica, havadzinica…

The content is available in Bosnian, Turkish and English languages, and serves as a tourist guide but can also serve as an online communication tool between locals and Sarajevans living abroad, who still remember the culinary magic of traditional Sarajevo’s cuisine.

Elvir Salcinovic, CEO of BetaTelStudio Ltd, the company which created the application, said he was very pleased with the application and is certain it will very useful for tourists: “We were very pleased when the Municipality and the prefect contacted us. We all use smartphones for private purposes, and it has now become and inevitable tool in tourism. I believe it will be of great use for tourists, and the application will be available in offline mode. The Stari Grad Municipality is one of the first municipalities which follows all market trends in presentation”.

The launching presentation hosted a several restaurant owners as well as a traditional cuisine tasting event.

Soner Şahin, cultural attaché of the Turkish Embassy in Sarajevo congratulated for a successful project completion and the collaboration between the Mamak and Stari Grad municipalities.

„As someone who lives and works at Bascarsija, I had the opportunity to taste many of the meals mentioned in this cookbook, and I can say that the Bosnian cuisine is rich. We have a great number of Turkish visitors to Sarajevo coming to our office and asking for information about cuisine as well, and now we can refer them to this guide. Revival of traditional cuisine is essential to any nation“.